Since 1989, Boatright Companies has proven itself as a dependable leader in the maintenance, repair, safety and ownership of the rail industry.

Experience, courtesy, pride and quality are staples of our operations. We take an individual interest in each and every customer, aiming to serve them in the most efficient and productive manner.

Boatright Companies includes a wide range of companies servicing both short line and major railroads throughout the United States and internationally. The Boatright name is synonymous with excellence, and our subsidiary companies, located across the eastern United States, provide the highest quality products and stand-out customer service in the industry.


Boatright Safety Solutions

Specializes in high-end safety accessories such as vests, belts and equipment holsters. Accessories are made in the U.S. and custom designs are available.

HiRail Equipment

Sells and installs new and rebuilt HiRail equipment.

Boatright Vegetation Management

Provides comprehensive customized weed control along tracks, as well as maintenance programs for vegetation management.

Service Industrial Railcar

Offers full service repair in four Michigan locations, specializing in the repair and rebuilding of coal-carrying railcars.

St. Marys Railroad

Shortline railroad transports paper, as well as military supplies - including ballistic missiles - between St. Marys and Kingsland, GA.



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